Butterfly Habitat Restored!

A big shout-out to Jade Armstrong, Heather Shand and family, Pamela Murray and Eamon, James Rolfe and Miriam Palmer for helping to bring the Butterfly Habitat back to life. Swing by to take a peek!

We used a version of “lasagna layering” or sheet mulching, building up layers of wet cardboard and woodchips to suppress weeds and retain moisture. The restoration project took over 50 volunteer hours – a great time to chat, mulch and get to know each other and the garden better.


Working bees! July 19 & August 2

We’re bringing the Butterfly Habitat back to life. Over the summer we’ll be smothering the plants we don’t want with mulch and showering the plants we do want with water, sunshine and encouragement.

Upcoming working bees:
Sunday July 19, 10am-noon
Sunday August 2, 10am-noon

To find out more, contact us here.


Sunshine, garlic mustard & good company

Thanks to everyone who came out to the annual Spring Garden Spree. We dug out a wheelbarrow load of garlic mustard and shared recipes for garlic mustard pesto. Buckthorn and Tree of Heaven were subjected to hacksaws and loppers and warned not to return in a hurry! Dog-strangling vine was found and destroyed, and shrubs were untangled from the rampant grapevine. And, most importantly, we met new people tall and small and had a great time outdoors in the sun!

IMG_20150502_112035243 IMG_20150502_112143477 IMG_20150502_112300248 IMG_20150502_112325591  IMG_20150502_112428180

Butterfly Habitat Restoration

nativeflowersThis spring and summer we’ll be restoring our butterfly garden, Harmony Grove (Jennings & Clendenan). Eco Club students made seedballs with native grasses and flowers which we are now watching to see if they sprout! Our Garden Drop-In program will be planting donated shrubs as well as other native perennials. In the meantime we’re adding a few temporary fences to give the shrubs that were mown down a chance to regenerate. Please help the garden by walking on the mulched pathways. Thanks!

To learn how to make your own garden a haven for butterflies, bees & other pollinators, click here.

Garden Drop-In

pa020355.jpgThis spring, we’re planning a casual garden drop-in after school during May and June on Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm. 

We’re inviting children and their guardian(s) to join us for planting, weeding, mulching, watering, turning the compost, building fences, making signs — and getting dirty! Please join us for a fun and relaxed outdoor time. If you have tools, please bring them to share. 

Check our blog for details of upcoming activities and to subscribe for updates: https://schoolfoodgarden.wordpress.com/welcome/

See you in the garden!

Juliet Palmer

EcoSchools Parent & Garden Co-ordinator

French in the Garden

There are some simple ways to combine gardening with French studies. How about creating French signage for the plants we’ll be growing? Petit pois, fèvres, pommes de terre, oignons…. It’d be marvellous to have a bilingual garden. What about finding some French gardening songs? “Savez-vous planter les choux?” Hands-on activities in the garden in French make language learning more “real”.

Ressources Pédagogiques