Join us in the Garden

Annette and High Park teachers can sign up now for the 2015 Learning Garden. Or check out other ways to interact with the garden: Garden Activities.

Here’s what we grew together in 2014:

Meister des Frankfurter Paradiesgärtleins, 1410

Ancient Grains
Before Wonder Bread Neolithic humans discovered that the grains of wild grasses could be ground into a tasty meal. Explore the fascinating history of ancient grains: Stone Age black einkorn, Bronze Age spelt, Temuco Quinoa (Aztec), Bronze Millet (China), Zanduri Wheat (Georgia), Purple Barley (Ethiopia).

Ancient Grains Garden Plan

Mediaeval Herbs & Vegetables for magic & medicine. Plants to ward off the Devil, charm your beloved, make your stew tastier and ease your cough. Many plants were introduced from Asia during the time of the Crusades. Plant April-May.

Mediaeval Garden Plan
Mediaeval Plant Information

Pizza Garden Plant zucchini, tomatoes and peppers alongside other tasty pizza flavours: basil, oregano, thyme and marjoram. Pizza has a fascinating history touching on the Ancient Greeks, Darius the Great, contact with the Americas and even Neolithic cuisine! Plant mid-May.

Pizza Garden Plan

Global Trade Routes
How did okra find its way from Ethiopia to Iran, Greece, India, Brazil, Louisiana and even Vietnam? Who brought chili peppers from Mexico to the Philippines, where they spread like wildfire to India, China, Korea an
d Japan? Exploring global trade routes and cultural pathways, this garden includes: okra, sweet peppers, orach, eggplant, spinach and tomatoes. Designed to be interplanted, the choice of species reflects companion planting principles.

Global Trade Garden Plan

Centeotl: Aztec god of maize

First Nations Garden Alongside the 3 Sisters (corn, beans and squash), plant sunflowers, Jerusalem artichokes & ground cherries. Discover the rich cultural history of these crops grown for over 6,000 years in central and South America. Plant mid-May.
First Nations Garden Plan

Kindergarten Sensory Garden (with guinea pig snacks!) Feel the soft, fuzzy leaves of Lamb’s Ear, crunch into a carrot & share it with our guinea pig, smell the relaxing scent of lavender. Plants to touch, taste, smell: all are beautiful to look at!
Kindergarden Sensory Garden Plan


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